Thursday, September 13, 2012

Setting Priorities

I am the kind of person who would rather give up something i want to make someone else happy.  I always feel guilty thinking of myself first, as if I'm being selfish, and I think that is something alot of women in particular deal with.  We want to be nurturing and caring and thoughtful, but end up leaving ourselves behind. 

Ok, so I mentioned in my first post that Weight Watchers gave me the most success when it came to getting healthier.  When I was on a walk with my mom a few days ago, we were chatting about me trying to lose weight and out of nowhere she offered to pay for 2 months of WW if I wanted to join again.  I was surprised and excited but felt bad becasuse WW isn't cheap and I didnt want to take so much from her.  BUT, she is my mother and she loves me and wants me to succeed.  She's giving me an opportunity I couldn't give myslef and if she feels I deserve it, than I should feel like I deserve it.

So, today I will be heading to my local WW and joining again.  I'm excited and nervous.  I feel like I have additional motivation now to do well with my mom's support.

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